Massage Therapy


60 Minutes

This therapeutic treatment is customized to decrease pain from areas of chronic tension and inflammation, relieve headaches, improve circulation and enhance overall wellness.

Hot Stones


60 Minutes

$125/90 Minutes

Salt Polish


Add on to Massage

This invigorating treatment begins with a soft body brush that stimulates circulation and energizes the skin. Highly therapeutic and custom blended salt from the Dead Sea and essential oils are gently massaged over your body to polish and purify your skin.

Infra Red Sauna


30 Minutes

Improves skin tone, removes toxins and aids in weight control.



Series of 7: $535
Series of 14: $1,070

This non-invasive, deep tissue treatment is well-renowned as the first treatment to receive FDA clearance for improvement in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements.

Scrub Down Session


60 Minutes

Inspired by Korean and Moroccan spas. Warm your skin in out gentle infrared sauna to promote circulation, strengthen the immune system, and relax stressed muscles. We then continue to the treatment room to exfoliate the body using special scrub mitts and moisturize with a hydrating oil blend.