Hello Spring!
April 20, 2017
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We have an infrared sauna at Amaris. It is fabulous. Infrared saunas can promote relief from muscle and joint pain caused by inflammation. The heat from an infrared sauna also helps to balance cortisol, the primary stress hormone in our bodies. It improves circulation and increases our core body temperature, which encourages sweating, calorie burning, and skin purification. So many wonderful benefits from sitting in a heated, quiet room for a few minutes. And yet, every day people come and go through the spa to experience a variety of treatments and the sauna remains dark and unused. Most are not even aware that it is directly across  Angela’s main treatment room! We had to find a way to introduce the sauna and its benefits to everyone and as result we have a fantastic new body treatment; The Scrub Down Session.

The Scrub Down Session begins with 10-15 minutes in the infrared sauna to prep the skin for a vigorous body scrub inspired by my visits to Korean spas in Hawaii and Seattle, and the Miraj Hammam in Vancouver, BC. The body is cleansed and then special exfoliating mitts are used to remove a ton of dead skin, followed by a luxurious application of body creme blended with jojoba and avocado oils, with an additional application of cellulite cream on target areas. It is a perfect way to feel smooth, refreshed, and invigorated for the warm weather months.

Check it out!

Total Time: 1 hr.

Total Investment: $65 special for April and May 2018